The CO2NOR Project

Welcome to the website of the CO2NOR project. The main goal of this project is to propose an innovative and sustainable method for ex situ mineral carbonation that will ensure the safe storage of CO2. This method includes the creation of novel nanomaterials via the ball milling process, based on low-cost ultramafic and mafic rocks from the Troodos ophiolite (Cyprus), which is considered as the most complete ophiolite worldwide. It is anticipated that ball milling will accelerate the kinetics of rock-fluid reactions during the carbonation procedure. Hence, carbonate minerals, which are stable over geological timescales, will provide a safe CO2 storage solution. The project also involves applied research in the form of exploitation of the end-product carbonates in the building industry.

  • Photomicrograph (XPL) of an olivine basalt
  • Euhedral phenocryst of olivine in an olivine basalt (XPL)
  • Photomicrograph (XPL) of a serpentinized harzburgite
  • TEM image of a ball-milled olivine basalt from the Troodos ophiolite
  • TEM image of a ball-milled waste material from a dolerite quarry
  • SEM image of commercial nanosilica
  • SEM image showing a portlandite crystal in a lime-based mortar
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Promising Rocks for CO2 Capture & Storage

The main types of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) are: (i) mineral carbonation, (ii) geological storage and (iii) ocean storage. Mineral carbonation can be carried out either in situ, by injecting CO2 into specific geological formations, or ex situ in a chemical processing plant, after mining and pre-treating the rock material. The goal of the CO2NOR Project is to propose an efficient method (ball milling) for enhancing the ex situ carbonation of ophiolitic rocks [...]

Ball Milling

A Planetary Ball Mill will be used during the execution of the CO2NOR Project. The name of this mill is attributed to the planet-like movement of its vials [...]

Geological Setting

The Troodos Mountains (Cyprus) are well-known for their geology, comprising the best preserved ophiolite complex worldwide, the Troodos Ophiolite [...]